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Every business should have a circulating air system in their place of work so more chances than not it will break down at some point in its lifetime. When it does we are on hand to fix it for you.

While the Agoura Hills area has grown a great deal in the last 10 years of so and we have seen a fair amount of development and we understand that businesses have been moving around and some businesses have moved in to older commercial buildings that have not been maintained. More often than not we get calls to say these older buildings have issues with the heat not working or the air conditioning not functioning which can be common in older places. We know most of these older office buildings so being a local company so we can help you get the unit working again very quickly. Should the unit need replacing we have a good relationship with most of the commercial management companies so we can quickly get the heating and air conditioning units changed out for you and the work will not disturb your business or staff.

We always suggest that you get the ventilation ducts cleaned because more often than not they will be filthy and you don’t want to be breathing in dusty old stale air. We have little cameras that we can send down the air vents to show you how dirty they are on a monitor.

Some of the considerations when installing a new air conditioning system are the load calculations. This means that the unit has to be powerful enough to blow enough heat or air in to the desired space. We also work out energy calculations so you will have a cost of how much the unit will cost you to run. And we can also design a system for different zoning. This means that if you have a sever room that needs to be cooler than the rest of the office then it will be on its own zone.

For commercial installations we will always spend time working with the general contractor to make sure there is no hold ups and the AC system gets installed with ease and no problems. We are accustomed to working on new build sites so we carry all the safety permits and we are very experienced.

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